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How it all started..
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The Neighbours BluesBand found its origin on a street barbeque in the Verwoldsebeek, that took place on the last day of june in 2007. During conversations between neighbours it became obvious that quite some musical talent resides within a few hundred meters..
It is remarkable that some neighbours knew eachother only indirectly. Some did not even speak to other people living in the same street in a some tenths of years. After some enthousiasm about the initiative, and maybe with the help of some booze, the idea was launched to raise a streetband, to enhance the barbeque with some music of their own.
The morning after it became clear that this were not just words and an appointment was made to do a jam-session in one of the garages in the street. A jam of mere neighbours with guitar, drums, piano and singing. The missing baseplayer could only be found in the surrounding streets. Hans did not live in the same street, though the suburbs were just behind the back-yard...

Herman did play the guitar in another band for some time already. Mitch had played the drums in a previous life, but hasn't touched his sticks for decades. Hans had just interrupted his career as base player by quitting his band. The men always heard André singing when taking a shower, so if he managed to respect the tune, it could become quite some thing. It also was a boys dream of Peters to play in a real band. Rik, well, he is simply the rushing guitartalent.
After the jam in this garage at the Verwoldesebeek, a new band was born.

By the end of september, the band found a practicing space at the Simon van Slingelandplein, where they practiced one hour and a half, every two weeks. They experienced this as a very nice period with a very nice owner of R&M music too: Eddy Lammers.

Medium october, Hans had to give up; he could not combine the practisizing hours with his work, so the band lost this very good base player. The members spread flyers to discover hidden talent in the near surroundings, but nothing was found. Until all of a sudden, Roland applied to the job. He was not from the neighbourhood, but as a starting base player he was well obsessed, motivated and driven. With Roland, also another practisizing room was offered. Willie has his studio at the old City archives and regularly works on the band with his critical suggestions and help.

The band then was renamed to the Neighbours Blues Band or simply NBB. This change was to alter the neighbours direction to a somewhat more surrealistic one. On the side, it was used to express the affection to the Blues. The growing repertoire of the band is not only, but until then mostly inspirated by this fascinating genre. The gained routine of the band, appeared to be wanted soon. On the 18th of april 2008, the NBB was invited by R&M music to perform at the Docter, the Swingcafé in the city of Zwolle. With three other starting bands, each performed about three quarters. At the end of the evening, the NBB could reflect to their first act with pride.
Reactions of the audience were reason to continue with the band. The NBB keeps on with its motivatd practices and performing on various locations and events, with variing success.
Undisputed heights were the gigs for their own audience at the street barbeques and the blues night at the Newscafé in the city of Zwolle on the 20th of may 2009.

The repertoire grows to more then 30 songs at the end of 2009, from rock to ballads, but mostly blues.
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