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Sunday, 16 May 2010 20:53
Dear musical Aa-lander,

On the 9th of october, ther will be a musical festival in our area:


Ank Pot and Mieke Groenewegen found it was high time to make an inventory of the musical talents in the AAlanden to take them to the podia to perform in the community centre De Bolder. This was done as said. The entire afternoon and evening one may enjoy a variety of musical styles at the MuzikAalandenfestival. Besides that, dance workshops are given and there is an art exposition by the Meander College. This is how the the Aa-landen will experience her most musical day, in fact on the 40th anniversary of the excistence of the foundation "community centre Aa-landen" (S.W.A.). The festival is therefore not coïncidentally dedicated to the S.W.A. jubilee.

Unfortunately, the most famous musicians of the Aa-landen, pianist Jan Vayne and countertenor Sytse Buwalda, are unable to attend, what they did regret themselves also. It was an impossible job to get hold of all bands and musicians in the area, because there are too many of them. That's why an effort is made to achieve the most variaton in musical styles.

This resulted in a continous performances during the day and evening by, amongst others, the Meander Big band, Almost Acoustic, MDMA, Lenca da Costa Gomez, and the Neighbours Blues band. The audience will be taken away in a whirlpool of styles and worlds. Via a sentimental journey, in the autumn (Vivaldi), ‘cross country’, one will be taken along Paris and Chicago, ending in our own country: Holland. A voyage through time also, from the seventeenth century, through the seventies, upto today's rap. Shortly, a unique musical experience at (area) level, and that is quite high in the Aa-landen.


And that all free of entrance for anybody to enjoy..

Place: MFC De Bolder, De Dobbe 29, Zwolle.


  • 14.00 uur Strijkorkest Mirecourt o.l.v. Bas Egberts
  • 15.00 uur Henk Gunneman (easy-listening/nostalgie)
  • 16.00 uur Meander Junior Bigband o.l.v. Albert Dam
  • 16.30 uur Meander Bigband o.l.v. Albert Dam
  • 17.15 uur Dobbepickers and Friends (bluegrass/folk/fiddlertunes etc.)
  • Tussendoor en ambulant: Martin Bastiaan (o.a. chansons)
  • 18.15 – 19.00 uur PAUZE
  • 19.00 uur Incendia (pop/rock)
  • 19.30 uur MDMA (rap + dj)
  • 20.15 uur Lenca da Costa Gomez (funk/soul/r&b)
  • 21.00 uur Almost Acoustic (pop)
  • 21.45 uur Nathanaël Bos (nederlandstalig)
  • 22.15 uur Neighbours Blues Band (blues/rock)

  • AND from 13.30 uur: Art exposition Meander College
  • AND continuous: Dance-demonstrations and -workshops (Benno Zanting)
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Information about the artists can be found at the next link: http://muzikaalanden.wordpress.com/muzikanten/
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